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Garage Door Maintenance

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Track Maintenance  

Garage Door Maintenance in ArizonaBoth the vertical and horizontal tracks require a test for possible blockage, rust, bending and other types of damage. Pebbles are easily removed by hand as long as safety precautions are taken in advance. You can get rid of rust completely and affectively using rust remover. Sticky dirt is effectively removed with a solvent or brake cleaner. Bent tracks require timely repair as they may break. If the vertical and horizontal sections are misaligned, they should be adjusted. The job ends with tightening the bracket bolts for keeping the sections properly aligned. Lost and damaged bolts should be replaced right away. These components don’t require lubrication as they will get slippery. Steel rollers, on the other hand, should be lubricated to move smoothly along the tracks. 

Steel Panel Care  

Task number one is damage check. Bent sections and dented ones should be repaired as soon as possible. Rust is another major culprit to watch out for. Traces of rust should be removed with a specially formulated product right away. Unless the rust is very thick, steel wool should not be used as it can leave deep scratches. If the panels are in good condition, they will need thorough cleaning as part of garage door maintenance. It starts with removal of the cobwebs. The door should be washed with liquid detergent mixed in water. A soft sponge is a great tool for scrubbing dirt off without causing harm. Rinsing with a sponge is better than using the garden hose. The panels should be repainted regularly. It is best if this is done once every year.

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